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dota 2 all discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos workshop news guides reviews what the hell is the bonus hero do we get something out of it showing 17 of 7 comments mr crocker teacher nov 11 2017 1026pm only mango and tp lol 1 mr crocker teacher , bonus gold of equal monetary value to a bonus item will always be more valuable than the item so that is a form of pseudorandom true random now instead randomly gives you 1 out of 10 heroes and you know ahead of time what the pool is made of, also the randoming was fair because you were gambling and picking a hero that only has a chance of being good against the enemy lineup i can see why it was a bit unfair but it was a gamble after all taht advantage is negligible in low brackets no one can take advantage of most small advantages, this table sorts heroes by the mechanics bonus they gain from their talents unique hero ability bonuses are not shown here what is a dota 2 bonus hero

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dota 2s 707 patch dropped a lot of pretty big changes five new items two new heroes a wave of crazy talents and a bunch of hero reworks these all are certainly going to require a bit of training as you relearn these heroes, what does strength actually mean in dota 2 update cancel a d b y w i k i b u y what hacks do you use to buy cheap video games in addition to bonuses earned by each attribute heroes also have a main attribute every point in their main attribute adds 1 to their physical attack damage typically this will also be the highest attribute

noticed meepo dropped by like 10 and couldnt figure why till today when it bounced right back up then i saw the corresponding pick spike only for the one day and realized it had to be related to bonusmango heroes and folks randoming and not being able to repick, bonus heroes provide you with a free mango on selection cannot be sold this command line program outputs the bonus heroes for each day dota 2 uses its own implementation, hero guides can now be viewed in the learn tab allowing players easy access to a wealth of communal dota knowledge about item ability and talent builds for all 115 heroes you can also drag drop and annotate to create or edit your own guides and even publish them for other players to use, attributes are the main statistics of all heroes that independently determine most scaling statistics these attributes are strength agility and intelligenceattributes are gained when a hero levels up obtains a talent buys certain items or uses certain abilities illusions benefit from attributes Description: The Wallpaper of what is a dota 2 bonus hero from http://dotawallpaper.org/wallpaper/kunkka-game-dota-2/