Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaked Characters

super smash bros ultimate leaked characters

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super smash brothers ultimate complete list of characters bowser wario rosalina daisy peach luigi diddy kong donkey kong poor waluigi no love you can almost hear the waaaahs in the distance still the kong duo is pretty sweet and we even have the adorable bowser jr to look forward to, special thanks collaborators in our super smash bros miiverse project souce gaming gamefaqs luigifan305 gamexplain resetera smashboard kmdp smashpedia and smashwiki is a fansite and is in no way affiliated with nintendo or any other mentioned companies

it has already been confirmed that this season pass will see persona 5s joker joining super smash bros ultimate but the remaining four combatants remain a mystery or at least three of them may still be as the next character being added as dlc in super smash bros ultimate has seemingly been leaked, params in ultimate confirm the code names of 2 future characters jack and brave the labels for these characters fighterkindjack fighterkindbrave fighterkindpacku piranha plant pic , smash ultimate dlc character 2 leaked details though nintendo hasnt offered any sort of specifics about which dlc fighter is set to land in smash ultimate after persona 5s joker we at least , the latest smash bros ultimate dlc leak comes from the sketchy depths of the internet aka 4chan where one anonymous user shared a post claiming to be an employee at nintendo of russia whos Description: The Images of super smash bros ultimate leaked characters from