How To Take A Screenshot On Xbox One

taking a screenshot 1 make sure your xbox one is up to date if youre not prompted to download the latest system update 2 fire up a game the screenshot feature will not work when browsing the xbox ones menu interface 3 doubletap your controllers xbox button to pull up the snap menu , now lets see it in stepbystep approach step 1 simply start your game and start playing as usual as soon as something cool happens step 2 press the xbox button on your xbox one remote controller step 3 press y button on remote control to take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on xbox one

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capturing a screenshot using an xbox one controller doing so will automatically capture a screenshot a menu should then pop up on your display prompting you to either save screenshot or record that in order to save a screenshot simply hit the y button in the upperright corner of your controller thats it, how to take screenshots and record videos on an xbox one you can also use the game dvr app for more finegrained recording options all video clips are saved in 720p resolution at 30 frames per second theres one catch you cant copy your captured screenshots or videos directly to a usb drive

deleting a screenshot from your xbox one press the xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu press the home button using a on your controller open the guide menu again and hit the view button to the bottom left of the xbox button navigate to a recent clip and select it with , sharing the screenshots you take is as easy as capturing them two more buttons allow you to send this image to other members of xbox live the xbox app for iphone android and windows 10 offers sharing options for sending photos to twitter and other social media sites simple totake a screenshot on xbox one Description: The Pics of how to take a screenshot on xbox one from