Fallout 76 Mothman Death

fallout 76 mothman death

Fallout 76 Black Titanium Where To Find GameRevolution

the mothman is in fallout 76 but can he be killed there is still a lot to explore in the world of fallout 76 despite the fact it isnt a traditional fallout game the same types of easter eggs , the mothman cometh part 1 is a holotape in fallout 76 and is part of the tales from the west virginia hills series of holotapes the tape can be found on the front counter in the mothman museum

the fallout 76 mothman has around 1000 hp and has 150 energy damage and radiation resistance which goes up to 250 when its level 45, fallout 76 got the mothman wing after 15 minutes of the tadpole update xbox one gt djiplay fallout 76 fastest easiest way of finding pro snap camera deluxe and tourist , the last mission on the enclave questline is the fallout 76 i am become death mission Description: The Pics of fallout 76 mothman death from https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/456371-fallout-76-black-titanium-location