Conker Is A Sign That Gaming Needs To Let Their Franchises

and lets just say that right now the reception has been not so hot to say that people are furious about the new conker design and how the gaming icon has been treated is an understatement , yes but they need to do conker the way everyone wanted him on the xbox one with a lot better graphics and animation then when he was on the n64 and original xbox it needs to be over the top and hilariously funny i dont know why they didnt make a sequel for the xbox 360, look at conker fondly but its time to let it go sure it was edgy and funny at the time but we have more than enough sharp comedy to go around and the old games seem tame by comparison now the same original level of humor would have all the punch of bart simpson reciting dont have a cow man for the thousandth time, conker is a sign that gaming needs to let their franchises e continue reading related topics capcom capcomunity rage quitter street fighter v comments more in news conker is a sign that gaming needs to let their franchises

Conkers Bad Fur Day Ending YouTube

as nintendos mobile division continues to bring more of the companys most famous franchises to smartphones and tablets some have wondered if nintendo might test the waters with its own mobile hardware, their franchises rarely if ever go above a teen rating true its pathetic and they need to grow the hell up and dont let the half assed ps360 ports fool you the wii u is lot more

also this will mean its likely going to be on xb360 xb1 and pc which is pretty good for rebuilding some name recognition for conker to get a standalone aaa conker this may be a very wise move on their part build the conker brand slowly and protect it by creating an audience before a big tentpole aaa conker game, were hearing whispers once again that nintendo is planning to release another classic allinone console this time focusing on the nintendo 64 the cartridge based system that got its start in , its just a fact whenever rare includes banjo in something conker is always right there next to him in the spotlight conker even shows up twice as much as banjo does so that should say something as much as battletoads and perfect dark are popular franchises with their own merits of getting a rep conker just seems like the next logical step, sometimes i wonder if its too late for rare to even go back to their old franchises part of me feels like if we ever did get a banjothreeie it just wouldnt be the same same with a new conker game its unfortunate but i wonder if rares neglect for their franchises was voluntary or if microsoft had a big influence Description: The Wallpaper of conker is a sign that gaming needs to let their franchises from