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best overwatch video settings overwatch on max graphics is a gorgeous game to look at thats for sure but if you want to gain a competitive advantage youll want as many frames per second fps as possible while also eliminating unnecessary eye candy from your screen, here are the best video settings for overwatch resolution 1920 x 1080 144 or 2560 x 1440 144 we recommend that you pick the highest possible resolution as long as you can choose the highest possible refresh rate your monitor supports and you can get frame rates that high, mouse on widow settings 100 100 100 aas 20 aaws 0 aim smoothing 2 aim ease in 100 scoped 60 grapple when i started widow all i did was stay in practice range for 10 minutes then best overwatch video settings ps4

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updated overwatch pro sheet of latest pro settings sensitivity and gaming gear used by professional overwatch players our comprehensive list includes pro overwatch players mouse settings keybindings resolution config dpi sensitivity setup keyboard monitor as well as video graphics settings and pc specs, what if any settings do you guys change on your ps4 controller for overwatch trying to get an idea of what works best jump to content what controller settings do you use on ps4 console submitted 2 years ago by warriors510420 what if any settings do you guys change on your ps4 controller for overwatch trying to get an idea of , whats the best video output settings on the ps4 for gamesresolution automatic or something elsergb range automatic limited or fully pbcb prcr range automatic limited or full

we also recommend using an adapter to play overwatch with a mouse and keyboard on your xbox or ps4 you can find the excellent xim 4 keyboard and mouse adapter here another great resource to check is the overwatch best monitor and gear guide is a great way to find the best monitor or mouse for overwatch, what settings do you use on controllerps4 console selfoverwatch submitted 1 year ago by bingbangboom697 pm me to play im messing around with controller settings and wondering what sensitivity everyone uses and especially aim technique and aim assist strength, alternate ids uomiat mrgoodaim taimoulina xqc about timo taimou kettunen is a finnish professional overwatch player he is a former player for team envyus and is currently playing for dallas fuel in the overwatch league he is primarily a hitscan player known for his aggressive playstyle on mccree and widowmaker Description: The Pictures of best overwatch video settings ps4 from