A Fortnite Poem

since fortnite is incredibly bad i turn it off and get real sad as i sit there a thought comes to me theres a better game but it isnt free with a forceful tone and a loud holler i demand my mom to pay 30 dollars she buys the game its called pubg the price of this game was worth the fee i fight my way to a chicken dinner, comments about the tragedy of fortnite by fort nightingale a different poem i liked its style in that this poem is written brilliant just brilliant a well conceived piece of poetry elegantly crafted in persuasive expressions and nicely embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm, fortnite is a really fun game i play it all the time i like to play with my friends fortnite makes everyone happy when i run around with friends its a lot of fun when we shoot and kill its exciting fortnite is better than all the other games the map is really big and fun to play on i can play fortnite all day a fortnite poem


helpinghand45 poems feb 2018 fortnite i hitch a ride on the battle bus everyone else jumped out i must i deploy my parachute below i glide my way to moisty meadow as i land i slurp some shields extra health and a pistol i wield i loot the houses and the squads, leave a funny songrappoem about fortnite selffortnitebr submitted 1 year ago by gethyper66 bunny brawler i want to hear the funniest ones may give an 10 gift card to the funniest depending on the number of entries

this poem is dedicated to my mother mary 19472018 and every other mother listening to the sound of fortnite day night dreamtime and all the hours between seven months after my mother passed away we lost her in january to cancer i was finally able to write poems during the write like youre alive 31 day challenge hosted by zoetic press this july, a random poem i came up with in fortnite squads enjoy going afk whilst trading moon glow crystal rarest item fortnite save the world duration 1312 dan7eh 1459818 views, this is a poem i wrote for my girlfriend inspired by fortnite though sometimes i do wonder if i had subconsciously written it for fortnite all along anyway i hope you enjoy a love poem by fortnitelover roses are red violets are blue gratification is sensual and so are you orchids are white ghost ones are rare mirrors are shiny and so is your hair Description: The Pictures of a fortnite poem from https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FORTNITE-ARGUMENT-PERSUASIVE-WRITING-STIMULUS-x-4-Acrostic-Poem-Stimulus-3768482