A Fortnite Poem

a fortnite poem

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fortnite is a really fun game i play it all the time i like to play with my friends fortnite makes everyone happy when i run around with friends its a lot of fun when we shoot and kill its exciting fortnite is better than all the other games the map is really big and fun to play on i can play fortnite all day, this poem is dedicated to my mother mary 19472018 and every other mother listening to the sound of fortnite day night dreamtime and all the hours between seven months after my mother passed away we lost her in january to cancer i was finally able to write poems during the write like youre alive 31 day challenge hosted by zoetic press this july Description: The Wallpaper of a fortnite poem from https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/example-egyptian-god-poems-11352676