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It is said that "Vision that leads to action, can make a strongest nation"..

Our India is the largest country in the world where maximum variety of man, mannerism, cult, culture, cast, traditions, and lifestyle which differ from place to place. Still we are together for more than 5000 years. India is covered with mountains, lands and there is full of variety and diversity, but still unique part about India is that, we are united.

Gifts He Left Behind

Gifts He Left Behind: The Dhamma Legacy of Phra Rajvudhacariya (Luang Pu Dulya Atulo) in Thai was first published in 1985, almost 25 years ago, and has widely been distributed and disseminated both in Thailand and abroad.

Recently, Phra Ajaan Geof (Phra Bhavana Vidhanapreecha-Geoffrey DeGraff) of Metta Forest Monastery, Valley Center, California, U.S.A., has kindly translated the Dhamma into English version with a remarkable and eloquent rhetoric work of writing.

Man-made Law Is for the Law of Dhamma

The second-class dhamma must support the first-class

Concerned citizen: Now, I am afraid that from a worldly viewpoint there would be no conclusion as from a dhamma point of view.

Venerable P.A. Payutto: There is. It can be seen and comparison can be made. You have to see whether the decision made in a case is determined by private interest, whether you go with the masses or just follow the trend, or whether you take dhamma into consideration, which is principle, rules and regulations.

March 2013 meditation

From Buryl Payne Mar 15 (1 day ago) to undisclosed recipients

Dear meditator, or potential mediator,

The discovery that global meditations are associated with reductions in sunspot numbers is analogous to the discovery and control of fire by ancient people. A book summarizing and describing these results will be out probably around the March full Moon. Of course, skeptics, which initially included me, will claim it is impossible, but the data is public and can be checked by anyone with a computer in a few minutes.

New Buddhist Encyclopedia


Dear Sir/Madam

As you may be aware, the Buddhist tradition has changed tremendously over the past few decades and will continue to change even more rapidly in to the future. It is therefore necessary to create new forms of Buddhism through, speech and actions in order to continue the strong traditions of Buddhism in the modern era and beyond.

1. The Concept of Neutrality from a Broader Perspective

The protestors are attempting to oust the Prime Minister, What should be the role of the Buddhists?

Concerned citizen: Good evening, Venerable.

Venerable P.A. Раyutto: What's the matter?

Budapest Buddhist Summer School 2012


The Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Hungary

Dear Sir or Madam,

Let us call your attention to the special programmes of our Summer School at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College.

The Dharma Gate Buddhist College is organizing an international summer school in Budapest. Every year we invite renowned exponents of Buddhist thought and practice to teach their particular traditions. Teachers and students are welcome from all over the world.

(To find out more about us, please visit:

Regarding the programme please look at our poster in attachement and our website:

Sunspot numbers around the last Full Moon Meditation day

The graph below shows sunspot numbers around the last Full Moon Meditation day on May 4th, 2012.

There were no planetary alignments on the Meditation day. Sunspot number dropped a week before the Meditation day and started to rise a week after. There were no sunspot numbers below 79 since April 17th. Each planetary alignment indicated increased sunspot numbers a little bit. So the graph has several ups and downs. A decrease of approximately 45% from the highest sunspot number of 138.

For Meditators and Everyone in Oregon


Dear Meditators and Everyone in Oregon,


On April 24 2012, Moon and Venus will be conjunct, Venus is close to earth, and Mars and Venus are also heliocentrically aligning, so there will be both a sunspot number increase and an extra strong geomagnetic fluctuation. There is a strong correlation between these particular planetary alignments, and earthquakes off the Oregon Coast in the Coos Bay area.

The path to inner peace

Teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Milan June 27th – 28th.

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to inform you that at invitation of our Spiritual Guide and Abbot of Namgyla Monastery, Ven. Thamthog Rinpoche, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will be in Milan the next June 27th and 28th, to give his precious teachings. Here you can find a short description of the event’s program, that will take place at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (MI) and is open to everybody:

JUNE 27th

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